When your tooth is damaged or decayed, your dentist attempts to fix it using tools and techniques available to him. But if he cannot save the tooth, he must extract it. A tooth extraction removes the tooth from its socket. So do tooth extractions hurt?

About a Tooth Extraction

This woman could answer no to the question do tooth extractions hurtRemoving a damaged, decayed or problem tooth helps keep other teeth in your mouth healthy. Dentists use two methods of pulling teeth. These include simple and surgical extractions.

A simple extraction removes a tooth that you see in your mouth, one that has already grown into place. The dentist pulls the tooth using forceps after loosening it utilizing a tooth elevator. Surgical extraction involves the dentist making an incision in your gum to remove an impacted or broken tooth, one not yet completely grown into place.

Do Tooth Extractions Hurt?

So do tooth extractions hurt? Which type of tooth removal your dentist uses and the condition of your tooth determine whether you feel any pain, need sedation or require pain relief.

Having a simple tooth extraction does not hurt like a surgical extraction. When you face simple removal, you possibly receive a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth. Sometimes the dentist also provides nitrous sedation, particularly for young people and those who fear dental procedures. Having nitrous sedation relaxes you and makes you less nervous and fearful.

When going through a simple extraction, you usually feel no pain during the procedure or anytime after. But surgical extraction puts you at risk for feeling some pain and pressure. This is why the dentist uses local anesthesia, an injection into your gums before the procedure begins.

Sometimes surgical extraction also requires IV anesthesia, general anesthesia or other pain relief before the tooth removal begins. Steroids in the IV anesthesia reduce swelling and prevent you from feeling pain once the dentist completes the procedure.

All of this pain prevention before pulling your tooth means you do not feel pain during or after your tooth extractions. You only feel slight pressure. If you feel any discomfort or pinching beyond pressure, you just tell your dentist. He takes measures to stop that discomfort right away.

So your answer to the question, “Do tooth extractions hurt” is, “No.” Today’s dental care prevents you from feeling any pain during or after your tooth extraction.

Dental Care in Orlando, FL

Your dentist provides a wide range of dental services with great care and comfort. So you do not feel pain for any of your procedures. You also gain pain relief following the procedure, so maintaining your best looking, the healthiest smile does not hurt.

Dental services you need in Orlando, FL include:

Do not fear the dentist. After all, in the dental office is where you receive the care, support, and services you need for your brightest smile, one full of healthy and strong teeth.

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