Like any parent, you want your children to grow healthy and strong. This means keeping their teeth in top shape, just like any other part of their bodies. Much of that good health comes from what they eat. So what are some healthy teeth foods for kids?

Some Healthy Teeth Foods for Kids

Kid eating an apple which is one of the healthy teeth foods for kidsThe old saying goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This is true for teeth, too. Chewing apples and similar fibrous, crunchy fruits actually brush away plaque from teeth. At the same time, your child nourishes his or her body by taking in essential vitamins and minerals.

Celery and carrots work much like apples, in scrubbing teeth. They also contain fiber and water that counteracts their sugar content. Celery naturally helps clean debris from between teeth, acting as natural dental floss.

Broccoli and green leafy vegetables contain high amounts of important vitamins and minerals. That makes these good for more than just your child’s oral health. Many of these green veggies also contain folic acid, improving tooth and gum health.

Healthy Teeth Foods Beyond the Garden Patch

If you struggle to get your kids to actually eat their fruits and vegetables, do not fear for their healthy teeth. Instead, encourage them to eat some healthy teeth foods for kids from beyond the garden patch. These include nuts, seeds, water, eggs, milk, cheese, and yogurt.

Nuts and seeds contain calcium and phosphorous. These important minerals help fight acids by replenishing tooth enamel. So eating nuts and seeds essentially helps teeth protected from acidic foods and drinks your kids love. Provide almonds, peanuts, and cashews to feed their snack appetite while improving their teeth.

With eating foods comes thirst. Water with fluoride helps even the youngest children grow healthy teeth. Bottled water often does not include this vital element. So encourage your children to enjoy good-tasting tap water or fluoridated water products.

Most kids enjoy eating eggs, as much as they like hunting for them at Easter. These provide calcium, vitamin D and protein, all necessary for good oral health. Calcium is also found in milk, cheese, and yogurt. These options also provide casein and phosphorus that work with calcium to strengthen tooth enamel and neutralize plaque acids.

Routine Dental Care Supports Healthy Teeth and Gums

Without routine dental checkups, your children may not keep their teeth and gums healthy. That simple fact ties to the preventive care your dentist provides, preventing cavities and other problems from affecting your child’s smile. When problems do occur, tooth repair stops decay in its tracks and maintains a natural-looking appearance.

Your child’s smile affects his or her confidence, nutrition, and social life. This is why some healthy teeth foods for kids play a major role in development, along with regular dental care.

Dental services needed in childhood and adult years include:

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