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As your family grows, you find yourself worrying more about their health and wellness. But with a quality dentist caring for your loved ones, much of this worry goes away. After all, your dentist helps even your youngest family members understand how to prevent cavities in Orlando. Through the right home oral hygiene, preventive care and treatments, your dentist is your best ally for your family’s most attractive smiles.

How to Prevent Cavities Orlando

The first step in how to prevent cavities in Orlando is maintaining good home oral hygiene. This daily routine must include tooth brushing each morning and at night, using fluoride toothpaste. Your dentist and dental hygienist help you teach your children proper brushing techniques, in addition to providing twice-annual professional cleanings in their office. Together, these methods and services prevent tooth decay and potential cavities. You’ll want the best dental office for fighting tooth decay in Orlando FL.

Through a good relationship with a quality Orlando dentist, your children also learn about the importance of flossing their teeth for tooth decay and cavity prevention. But this is something you must stress at home, in between dental visits. Help your children use techniques learned at the dentist, to remove plaque and other debris from between their teeth. Flossing helps them fight plaque and cavities on a daily basis, just as it also helps maintain healthy gums and fresh breath.

If your dentist recommends other steps in how to prevent cavities in Orlando FL, follow those as well. Some of these recommendations include:

  • Using a fluoride rinse or mouthwash
  • Chewing sugarless gum for 10 minutes after each meal
  • Avoiding sugary snacks and sweets
  • Eating tooth-healthy foods
  • Receiving fluoride treatments or dental sealants in the dentist’s office
  • Visiting your dentist twice yearly

How to Prevent Cavities Orlando FL in the Dentist’s Office

In your dentist’s office, you gain important services and insights into how to prevent cavities in Orlando FL. Your children and other members of your family receive a twice yearly dental exam and dental X-rays. By checking each individual tooth through these means, your dentist spots early signs of cavities. By finding these problems early, you and your child avoid needing fillings or other treatments.

When not found early enough to reverse the problems, the focus on how to prevent cavities in Orlando FL turns to how to treat those cavities for better oral health. Treatments include:

The most important thing to remember about cavity prevention is that you are not alone. Your dentist and dental hygienist work with you and each member of your family, to ensure your best dental health. At the same time, they help you meet other treatment goals, such as through teeth whitening, veneers or other smile improvements. From your youngest children to your eldest extended family members, everyone needs routine dental care to prevent cavities and other problems.

Finding a Quality Dentist in Orlando, FL

In Florida, your best option is a dentist who knows how to prevent cavities in Orlando and how to improve smiles for all ages. S Keith Mahan, DDS is this dentist, at Smooth Sailing Dentistry. Call Smooth Sailing Dentistry now at [DirectNumber] to schedule your visit.