Are cavities contagious? Can someone else’s cavity cause problems for your teeth? Below we explain how tooth cavities lead to tooth decay in others. Consider these helpful points, to ensure your teeth stay healthy and strong.

Few people realize that the bacteria eating away at the enamel of your teeth can be spread from one person to the next. This bacteria, mutans streptococcus, feeds on the sugars left in your mouth after you eat, drink or otherwise allow plaque to build up. This is why brushing twice daily is so important for your oral health, as well as for those close to you.

How Tooth Cavities Lead to Tooth Decay in Others

woman suffering knows how tooth cavities lead to tooth decaySharing eating utensils, drinking glasses, gum, candy or a toothbrush after those have been in someone else’s mouth provide good examples of how tooth cavities lead to tooth decay in others. The bacteria from one person’s mouth can enter your mouth and start to decay your teeth.

This provides ample reason for parents to encourage their kids not to share these things and to maintain good oral hygiene. Even just using someone else’s lipstick or lip balm can transfer bacteria. This bacteria causes illnesses like strep throat, colds or the flu. Sharing is also how tooth cavities lead to tooth decay in others.

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy and Strong

The best way of knowing how tooth cavities lead to tooth decay and to keep your teeth healthy and strong include visiting your dentist at least twice each year, brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing each day. You also need healthy saliva production. Saliva provides your first line of defense against plaque and bacteria, so a dry mouth causes more significant problems than just thirst.

Brushing and flossing each day helps prevent cavities and gum disease. A fluoride mouth rinse helps, too. This routine also keeps your mouth fresh and clean for a kiss or being close to others. That means that your daily oral hygiene prevents you from spreading your oral bacteria to others.

Saliva plays a prominent role in keeping your oral bacteria to a minimum. Your mouth uses saliva to break down food particles and flush away the bacteria that cause tooth decay. If you do not produce enough saliva and have a dry mouth, talk to your dentist. Chewing sugar-free gum helps with this problem, as does eating fibrous foods.

Of course, drinking plenty of water is very important to your physical and oral health. Tap water is best in America, where it contains fluoride. This fluoride helps fight tooth decay. Water also increases your natural saliva production.

Seeing Your Dentist Regularly to Prevent Tooth Decay

Seeing your dentist twice yearly provides vital help to prevent tooth decay. Your dentist knows how tooth cavities lead to tooth decay and helps you fight cavities and maintain your best oral health for closeness with others. Dentistry includes a wide range of dental procedures and services for your healthiest smile and bite. These services include:

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