Health observances like the American Dental Association’s National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM) help bring awareness to common dental health problems and methods of preventing these conditions. Each February, dental offices around the country work with the American Dental Association in recognition of NCDHM and children’s dental health needs.

What is National Children’s Dental Health Month?

Kid in dentist chair during National children's Dental Health MonthNational Children’s Dental Health Month occurs each February under the American Dental Association’s (ADA) support. For February 2019, the theme is “Brush clean and in between to build a healthy smile.” Through this theme, your dentist’s office partners with educators, other dental professionals, doctors, parents, and the ADA to promote good oral health for children.

NCDHM began in Cleveland, Ohio in February 1941. The nationwide program expanded from one day of dental health events to a full week in 1955. But in 1981, the ADA and dentists throughout the country started recognizing a month-long series of events, news, and education to benefit communities coast-to-coast. Now, millions of people in the US and military families stationed all over the world learn about good oral health through local dental care, screenings, fairs and events each February.

NCDHM helps children build good oral health habits at an early age for a lifetime of healthy, attractive smiles.

How to Participate In NCDHM

To participate in NCDHM, you do not need to wait for community events, news or an invitation of any sort. Just help your children participate by taking some time to learn more about ways to maintain a healthy smile. You can visit the ADA’s website to download fun activity sheets and games for your own child or many. These free resources help you take advantage of the month’s awareness and events to help kids around you learn important oral health tips.

If you struggle with oral health symptoms, try using the ADA Dental Symptom Checker at This handy tool helps you learn more about possible dental problems so you can talk to the best dentist in Orlando about your concerns.

Having dental disease can affect many areas of your children’s lives. People with tooth decay, pain or other symptoms struggle to eat, sleep or focus on tasks as they should. This is why you need to help your kids fight dental disease. Ensure they brush twice each day with fluoride toothpaste, floss daily, eat a quality diet and see their dentist regularly.

Observing National Children’s Dental Health Month in Orlando, FL

Schedule a visit with your Orlando pediatric dentist during February. Talk to your dentist about your children’s teeth and oral hygiene. Also, learn more about dental services provided for your whole family. These services include:

In Orlando, schedule your visit with S. Keith Mahan, DDS now at 407-841-7241. Through good home oral hygiene, routine dental checkups and professional teeth cleanings, your children can have healthy, attractive smiles for their lifetime. Call Dr. Mahan’s office now to take part in National Children’s Dental Health Month.