One of the most popular cosmetic dental enhancements today is Lumineers. But what are Lumineers and how do they help improve your smile? Are you a good candidate for these dental veneers?

What are Lumineers?

Young woman pointing to her teeth does't need to know what are lumineersSo what are Lumineers? Lumineers are a type of dental veneers made using patented porcelain. This unique technology found only in Lumineers, help them provide the best smile enhancement when compared to other veneers. The material used in Lumineers, called Cerinate, makes them so thin that you do not need to undergo tooth surface removal.

The ultra-thin porcelain used in Lumineers provide one of the brand’s best benefits. Other brands require etching of your teeth, removal of some of your tooth surfaces. Not having your tooth surfaces removed means less discomfort during the veneer placement process. You also retain the ability to remove Lumineers in the future, something you cannot do after removal of your tooth surfaces for other veneers.

Lumineers’ benefits come from the thin porcelain material. But this brand of veneers is just as sturdy and long-lasting as other types. If you take good care of your teeth after you get Lumineers, they last twenty years or longer. This means you get excellent results today and for a very long time.

How Do Lumineers Improve Your Smile?

Dentistry Lumineers provide you with almost painless smile enhancement. In two dental visits, you undergo this procedure that gives you the bright white, healthy looking and straight smile you always wanted.

The first visit to your dentist involves making a mold of your teeth. It also requires selection of your Lumineers shade. If you only need one or a few teeth covered using Lumineers, the chosen shade matches your surrounding natural teeth. If all of your visible teeth will undergo this enhancement, you end up with a youthfully dazzling smile without the need for tooth whitening.

The dentist sends your mold to a dental lab. When the lab sends your veneers back to the dentist, you plan the second visit for fitting and permanent placement. Your new veneers cover tooth imperfections, stains, and discoloration. In just two visits, you transform the look of your smile with Lumineers.

Where Do You Get Lumineers?

Your Orlando, FL cosmetic dentist provides Lumineers along with a variety of other critical dental procedures. You need a dentist who can meet all of your dental health needs, from a beautiful white smile to routine dental exams for your whole family. So you should look for a dentist providing services that include:

To learn more about what are Lumineers and enhancing your smile for many years to come, call your Orlando dentist S. Keith Mahan, DDS at 407-841-7241. In only a few visits, you can have the smile of your dreams. Schedule your consultation today.