You have times of bad breath, just like anyone else. But none of us want to admit to halitosis, no matter how temporary. So what is halitosis? How can you keep bad breath from happening, in the first place?

What is Halitosis?

Woman in dental chair getting answer to what is halitosisSo what is halitosis, anyway? Halitosis is the medical term for foul-smelling breath. The most common cause of this problem is the breakdown of food in your mouth.

You also fall victim to bad breath through poor oral hygiene, tooth decay, disease, infections, tobacco use, poor diet, and dry mouth. Other causes include odorous foods like garlic or onions, acid reflux, gum disease, respiratory infections, and diabetes.

If you notice your own bad breath, oral hygiene is the first step to the remedy. Other remedies exist. But first, you need to know what is halitosis, regarding your own mouth. Sometimes ending this problem requires dental care.

How to Figure Out the Cause of Your Halitosis

Once you know the cause of your halitosis, you can fix it.

First, consider the foods you eat. Also think about coffee, diet sodas, sugary foods, and other possible causes. Often, sugars from our foods stick to teeth where they rot and produce a foul smell. If your bad breath roots in what you eat or drink, brushing your teeth solves these problems.

Not eating a quality diet causes halitosis, too. The same is true if you eat an extremely low-carb diet. When your body burns fat for energy instead of carbohydrates, it produces ketones. Ketones smell bad and taint your breath.

Not brushing your teeth is bad for them. But all of us skip a brushing now or then. Skipping this important step in proper oral hygiene produces the expected result, that of bad oral health and bad breath. So brush your teeth regularly, floss and rinse as needed using a fluoride rinse.

If you brush as you should and still experience bad breath, try an oral antibacterial rinse. Also, stop smoking or using other tobacco products. This damages your gums and causes foul breath.

Other issues like a common cold, sinus infection or respiratory tract infection also can cause bad breath. Halitosis usually goes with a sinus infection, no matter how often you brush your teeth or rinse. Other medical conditions causing problems include diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, gastritis, and bronchitis.

When you find yourself staring in the mirror searching for the cause of your halitosis, remember you can seek your dentist’s help. Your dentist will diagnose your bad breath and provide a remedy, whenever possible. Meanwhile, brush your teeth twice daily, scrape your tongue using a tongue scraper and schedule your next dental visit.

Preventive Care for Your Best Breath, Smile, and Bite

Your breath often indicates problems with your teeth or gums. So if you suffer bad breath, do not suffer alone. Instead, seek the help of your dentist.

You also need access to other dental services, such as:

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