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There is more to taking care of your teeth, besides just brushing and flossing them each day. Much of your oral health relies on your dentist’s help and treatment. Some of this care falls under the category of prophylaxis. So what is prophylaxis and do you need it?

What Is Prophylaxis?

Now, what is prophylaxis? The prophylaxis definition is essentially preventive dental care. An appointment for these services includes routine dental procedures Orlando FL offers. Your dentist and the dental hygienist work together as part of these appointments.

The first step in your routine dental visit is your dental hygienist’s update of your medical history. For this, you just answer simple questions about health changes. Sometimes you need X-rays, such as bitewings to see if you suffer tooth decay or other problems.

Next, as the prophylaxis definition points out, you need a periodontal probing. This sounds painful, but it is not. The hygienist uses a unique probing tool to measure your gum tissue depth. It also involves checking for signs of tooth decay, followed by a thorough teeth cleaning to remove plaque and tartar.

After your dental hygienist performs the above tasks, your dentist examines your teeth and gums. He also looks for signs of disease throughout your mouth. The dentist reviews your X-rays, diagnoses problems, and recommends treatment.

Do I Really Need Prophylaxis?

Everyone needs prophylaxis to catch dental problems early and prevent these problems from happening, in the first place. Through X-rays, oral exams, skill, and experience, your dentist detects tooth decay, gum disease, and other problems before you can see any signs, yourself. He also finds problems before you feel pain.

The most critical part of the prophylaxis definition is likely the word “routine.” You need these routine dental appointments on a set schedule. The American Dental Association recommends twice-yearly visits with the dentist, as a minimum. Through routine dental care every six months, you prevent greater problems, pain, and costs than skipping visits and developing issues later.

People who smoke, suffer many cavities or those with gum disease often need to see their dentist with greater frequency. The same is true for people with some health problems or on certain medications. Pregnant women, people with weak immune systems or those with diabetes also need to visit the dentist more often.

What Dental Services Do I Need Along With Prophylaxis?

Along with your routine dental care, you also need access to quality dental services. These services help you maintain your natural teeth and healthy gums throughout your lifetime. They also help you enjoy a bright, youthful looking smile. Essential dental services include:

Finding a family dentist enables all members of your family to receive dental care at the same location, with the same service providers. This means your dentist gets to know the whole family and your unique dental concerns. It also means greater convenience for you, whether you need prophylaxis appointments, restorative care, or cosmetic dental services.

In Orlando, Florida, schedule your next routine dental visit at Keith Mahan, DDS by calling [Direct]. At this appointment, ask Dr. Mahan and his caring team, “What is prophylaxis?” They look forward to answering your questions and providing quality dental care for your whole family.