Today, having a bright white smile is important for your social and professional life. White teeth show you care about yourself and the image you present to others. Besides, your smile is one of the first things other people notice about you, so it should be inviting and engaging. Residents turn to S. Keith Mahan, DDS for teeth whitening Orlando can count on.

Teeth Whitening Orlando Trusts

man preparing for teeth whitening orlando trustsDr. Keith Mahan understands your desire to have a strong, healthy and beautiful white smile. Not smiling because you’re hiding yellowed, stained or dull teeth can also make you seem unhappy and disinterested in engaging with others.

Your tooth enamel is the strongest part of your body. However, enamel is still weak to things we eat and drink, as well as tobacco. This porous, easily stained tooth covering yellows when materials in food and beverages seep into pores, discoloring the underlying dentin layer. Because stains can form on the underlying parts of your teeth, whitening toothpaste and even routine dental cleanings may not improve your appearance.

If you’re like most Americans, you probably drink coffee, tea, red wine and/or soda on a regular basis. These are some of the most damaging beverages, causing your teeth to yellow and stain. But through teeth whitening Orlando trusts, Dr. Mahan can return your smile to a more youthful and luminescent bright white.

No teeth whitener available in stores can achieve the results available through S. Keith Mahan, DDS. You can comfortably and easily whiten your teeth in one visit. This low-cost smile makeover is one of the best ways to quickly look refreshed and feel better about yourself.

How Your Teeth Yellow as You Age

As a child, your teeth were naturally white and bright. But those white teeth become increasingly yellow as you age. When you reached adulthood, you have many years of discoloration weighing down your smile. Nothing will remove those stains without a dentist’s professional help.

Besides what we eat and drink, many things add to the yellowing of your teeth. These include:

  • Genetics and aging
  • Trauma and decay
  • Medications like tetracycline and antibiotics
  • Too much fluoride
  • Restorations
  • Developmental disorders
  • Root canal problems

When your teeth yellow, they don’t just suffer surface stains. They actually become discolored at a deeper level, in both the enamel and dentin. Foods, drinks, and tobacco are what are most likely to stain the outside of your teeth.

Staining foods include carrots, oranges, coffee, foods containing tannins, tea, and colas. Tobacco products like cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, and cigars are terrible problems for tooth discoloration, as well as dangerous for your overall health.

A Celebrity Smile Can Be Yours

You can have a celebrity quality smile again, one that is white, bright and youthful. This is the type of smile that people claim looks “expensive.” Your smile is valuable now, but even more so when it’s a luminescent white.

Having your teeth professionally whitened by Dr. Keith Mahan in Orlando is one of the best ways to upgrade your appearance. Your dentist uses stronger whitening agents than you can find anywhere else for quickly and effectively brightening your teeth. If there are other ways to accomplish a better, brighter and healthier smile, your cosmetic and restorative dentistry team at S. Keith Mahan, DDS will discuss these options with you.

When your dentist performs teeth whitening services, he’ll also protect your gums, lips and other oral tissues from the whitening materials. Additionally, Dr. Mahan will protect your tooth enamel during the process. Even though he’ll use expert care and protection of your delicate tissues, you’ll still see results up to ten shades brighter in only about an hour in the dentist’s chair.

Once you have a brighter smile, you can keep it that way through routine dental care and an at-home whitening kit. Dr. Mahan can even comfortably help you achieve a brighter smile if you have fear of tooth sensitivity. Your results will last a year or longer, according to how you care for your teeth and the elements you expose them to as part of daily living.

When you’re ready for teeth whitening Orlando trusts, call S. Keith Mahan, DDS at 407-841-7241. With Dr. Mahan’s help, your smile can appear years younger!