You can whiten your teeth by replacing your regular toothpaste with a tooth whitening product. Many other tooth whitening products are available too, including mouthwash, strips, and trays. However, using these whitening products isn’t always the best or safest way to obtain a brighter smile. For thorough and professional tooth whitening, visit your dentist.

An Overview of Teeth Whitening Services

Best Tooth Whitening Dental ServicesThe purpose of tooth whitening services is to lighten your teeth by removing discoloration and stains. As one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, it enhances the appearance of your teeth. Above all, to maintain whiter teeth, you must visit your dentist periodically.

Everyone Has a Different Tooth Color

By nature, your teeth aren’t perfectly white. The scattering and reflection of light off of your enamel is what creates the color of your teeth. The color of the dentin, which makes the bulk of your teeth, also affects the color.

Your genes determine the smoothness and thickness of your enamel. The color of your dentin shows more when your enamel is thin. The enamel smoothness also affects how light reflects off of your teeth, changing the appearance.

Why People Whiten Their Teeth

The main reason why people whiten their teeth is to remove stains. Pellicle, a thin coating, forms over your enamel every day. It and the pores in the enamel can hold stains. Most people get stains from consuming dark-colored drinks such as wine, tea, coffee, and cola. Stains are also common for people who don’t practice good oral hygiene and use tobacco. Also, the dentin darkens, and enamel thins out as part of the aging process.

Also, intrinsic stains are those that occur inside the teeth. These occur with too much exposure to fluoride during development. Tetracycline antibiotics and trauma can also cause inherent stains. Teeth whitening services are most effective on extrinsic stains, which occur on the surface of the teeth.

Preparing the Teeth for a Whitening

Before a tooth whitening procedure, the dentist needs to make sure that you don’t have any other dental problems. Tooth decay can affect whether or not the whitening is successful as well as make your teeth extra sensitive. The dentist also needs to clean your teeth to remove any food, bacteria or other debris.

Teeth Whitening Methods

There are two main types of dental procedures for tooth whitening. Furthermore, the cost ranges significantly between them and the products that each technique involves.

Bleaching is the first method and it can make teeth five to seven shades brighter. Dental bleaches contain either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as the main ingredient. The concentration can range from 10 to 22 percent to eliminate surface to deep stains.

The second technique uses a chemical or physical action to remove stains. In some cases, dentists use both. Like toothpaste, this method relies on abrasion and polishing to get rid of most surface stains.

The reason for these two techniques is because one doesn’t work for everyone. Your teeth could brighten more with a non-bleaching procedure than one that uses bleach. The dentist can help you determine which will work better for your teeth.

Get Tooth Whitening at Keith Mahan, DDS in Orlando, Florida

You can brighten your smile at Keith Mahan, DDS in Orlando. We use a robust system that quickly produces dramatic results making us the most affordable dentist in Orlando. It involves applying a gel to your teeth with a customized tray and leaving it there for about an hour. While you wait, we use a unique light that interacts with the gel to remove discoloration and stains.

Along with teeth whitening, we offer other cosmetic dental services such as Lumineers, porcelain crowns, and tooth-colored fillings. You can visit Keith Mahan, DDS for other dental services, including:

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