Falling on your face, chewing on hard candy or ice and other mishaps often lead to broken, chipped or cracked teeth, needing teeth repair work. So your dentist’s skill in tooth repair comes in handy at these moments, ensuring your smile remains healthy and complete.

Why People Need Tooth Repair

Woman in dentist chair undergoing tooth repair workYour tooth enamel provides natural protection for your teeth, keeping them strong and healthy. In fact, tooth enamel is your body’s strongest tissue. But your teeth remain vulnerable to breaks, chips or cracks. Luckily, dental care’s latest methods include multiple options for tooth repair.

Some of the most common means of damaging teeth include playing rough sports without a mouth guard, chewing on a pencil, chewing ice or hard candy, and falling or running into fixed objects. People also open bottles with their teeth, causing many broken teeth each year.

The most damaging foods, those causing the most need for tooth repair in the US each year, include hard candy, ice, potato chips, popcorn, soda, alcohol, coffee, sports drinks and dried fruit. Having cavities or tooth decay also causes tooth damage, making tooth repair important.

Types of Damaged Teeth Requiring Repair

Teeth suffer many types of damage. These types include craze lines, fractured cusps, cracked teeth, split teeth and vertical tooth fractures.

Craze lines are tiny cracks in your teeth but only affect your outer tooth enamel. These shallow cracks do not hurt you and just show tooth age. Fractured cusps also cause little to no pain and involve breaking a piece off of your tooth’s chewing surface. These problems usually go unnoticed or do not require teeth repair.

But some teeth suffer damage requiring teeth repair. A cracked tooth not treated by your dentist often gets worse and sometimes leads to decay or tooth loss. A split tooth usually affects an untreated, long-term crack in your tooth. Split teeth must undergo extraction because they expose your inner tooth and quickly decay.

Vertical root fractures start at your tooth’s root. These breaks extend toward your tooth’s chewing surface. These often lead to gum and bone infections.

The best dental methods for teeth repair include:

About Dental Repair Methods

S. Keith Mahan, DDS in Orlando, Florida provides tooth repair. Maybe your teeth need this help due to a traumatic injury or another emergency. Or maybe your teeth repair needs come from decay and long-term oral health problems. Whatever the cause of your tooth concerns, Dr. Mahan helps.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding helps treat many tooth problems. These include chipped, decayed, misshapen, cracked and gapped teeth. Composite tooth bonding looks like natural tooth material and provides teeth repair for about 10 years. For this procedure, the dentist applies a special putty to your tooth and shapes it into a natural appearance, then hardening that material using a UV light.


Porcelain veneers cover your damaged tooth’s front, so no one knows you ever suffered that damage. This covering bonds to your tooth for repair lasting up to 30 years.


Crowns cap or cover your whole tooth, giving your tooth more strength and restoring a healthy appearance.

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal repairs a tooth with a crack or other damage extending into the pulp. Sometimes a crown strengthens the damaged tooth after this treatment. Root canals clear away your decayed tooth material, remove the tooth nerve and stop infection.

Dental Implant

An implant consists of a titanium screw that fits into your jawbone, very much like a natural tooth root. This permanently replaces your tooth after extraction, keeps your jaw bone healthy and maintains the shape of your face. A dental implant can last your lifetime with daily oral hygiene and routine dental care.

Teeth Repair in Orlando, Florida

S. Keith Mahan, DDS provides repair for damaged teeth and other dental services in Orlando, Florida. In fact, Dr. Mahan delivers all of the dental procedures and services you need, including:

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