At Smooth Sailing Dentistry, S. Keith Mahan, DDS commonly uses dental sealants to coat your permanent back teeth. This coating provides extra protection against bacteria and acids for the chewing surfaces of these teeth. In this way, the sealants provide another line of defense against tooth decay, beyond your daily oral hygiene and regular dental visits.

Why does Dr. Mahan use dental sealants?

Dental hygienist prepping a patient for dental sealantsWhen you visit the Orlando, Florida office of S. Keith Mahan, DDS, you can receive everything from a routine exam, dental x-rays and other services designed to protect your teeth from decay. But sometimes we need extra help for where toothbrushes cannot reach. For example, the areas where bacteria and plaque acids hide include the chewing surfaces of your molars and premolars.

For some patients, Dr. Mahan applies the best dental sealants Orlando FL offers to these teeth. These protective coatings help you avoid decay where these grooves and pits allow bacteria to hide. In fact, sealant gets down into grooves narrower than even one bristle of your toothbrush. The coating forms a smooth surface, so you can better clean your teeth each day.

As an adult, you sometimes also need dental sealants on other teeth, beyond your molars and premolars. But adults receive this treatment less often than children. Children often need extra protection as their teeth grow into their mouths. So as soon as the back teeth erupt through their gums, they may benefit from sealants provided by your family dentist Orlando FL offers.

Do Sealants change How My Teeth Look?

Dental sealants do not affect your smile or how your teeth look to others. Dental sealants usually have a clear appearance. Some appear white or slightly tinted. But your dentist works to ensure your smile looks fully natural when applying this protective coating.

What Happens During the Application of a Sealant?

Before receiving your protective coatings treatment, the dentist or dental hygienist thoroughly cleans your teeth. After this professional cleaning, they apply an acidic solution on the chewing surfaces of your teeth where you need dental sealants Orlando FL. After a few moments, they rinse this solution away. The acidic solution slightly etches your teeth to create a rough surface on which the sealant adheres.

Once your dentist applies the protective coatings, he sometimes uses a special light to harden the material. But some sealants harden without the use of light. After hardening, the material proves resilient to your typical chewing, brushing and other daily wear and tear.

Dental sealants Orlando FL offers will last years, in most cases. Sometimes your dentist applies a new coating to a tooth where the sealant has worn away, particularly for children or teens.

If you or your children receive dental sealants, remember that you still must stick to a quality daily oral hygiene routine. You must continue using fluoride toothpaste and other dental care products your dentist recommends. Sealants do not guarantee the prevention of cavities. They just help you better fight tooth decay.

Sealants and Other Treatments for Health Teeth in Orlando, FL

In Orlando, Florida, S. Keith Mahan, DDS provides a range of quality dental services for you and your entire family. As a family dentist, Dr. Mahan and his caring team treat all ages of patients, in all stages of life. This means you benefit from the convenience of all members of your family going to the same dental office. You miss less time from work or school and the dental team gets to know your family’s unique needs and oral care habits.

Dental services provided by S. Keith Mahan, DDS include:

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