Dental emergencies are scary and painful. When you need an emergency dentist Orlando trusts, the good news is you don’t have to look any farther than S. Keith Mahan, DDS. All the dental professionals at Dr. Mahan’s office understand your dental crisis and discomfort, doing all they can to meet your urgent care needs.

Why do you need more than just an emergency dentist Orlando trusts?

woman sees emergency dentist orlandoYour daily oral health care and routine dental visits play an important role in keeping dental emergencies from happening. Through regular dental cleanings, preventive care, cavity treatment, gingivitis treatment and other routine services, you can avoid many dental crises. However, there are some injuries that you can’t predict or prevent, such as broken teeth, sports injuries and knocked out teeth.

For your dental emergency, you want more than just an emergency dentist Orlando trusts. You need a family, general or cosmetic dentist you trust who also provides emergency care.

When your regular dentist is available to treat your emergencies, you have peace of mind before, during and after your dental emergency. This peace of mind comes from knowing that you’re in good hands that know your dental history, needs and goals. Your family dentist’s availability during an emergency means that he or she sees the emergency as more than just an immediate need. Instead, emergency treatment fixes the urgent problem while keeping your overall treatment plan in mind.

Types of Emergencies Treated By S. Keith Mahan, DDS

There are many types of dental emergencies. The ones that people most frequently experience:

  • Broken teeth
  • Dislocated teeth
  • Abscesses
  • Oral trauma from accidents or sports injury
  • Broken orthodontic braces

A major goal of an emergency dentist is to relieve patients’ immediate pain. Many of these emergencies are intensely painful. Others can permanently damage your smile. With the right attention, support and care, though, your dentist can comfortably resolve your dental emergency.

One of the most common dental emergencies is a dislodged tooth. If you or your child has lost a tooth, sometimes the dentist can restore the tooth into its socket. There are things you can do to help minimize the damage and preserve the tooth. These include:

  • Finding the tooth and picking it up by the crown, not the root
  • Placing the tooth in a wet cloth or a cup of the patient’s saliva, water or milk
  • Avoiding touching the root, to prevent greater damage or infection
  • Immediately contacting your emergency dentist Orlando trusts

Many patients experience shock upon hearing that it’s possible to restore a dislodged tooth. The key to this possibility is in taking care of the lost tooth and getting to the dentist quickly.

If your tooth survived the trauma well, your dentist can place it back into its socket and stabilize it using brackets supported by other teeth. Almost miraculously, your nerves and blood vessels revive the roots and feed the pulp to re-establish the strength of the tooth. Through continuing dental care, a bit of luck and healthy blood flow, your tooth actually re-attaches to your gum tissues. In these cases, emergency dental care plays a critical role.

Emergency Dentistry Services in Orlando, Florida

Your emergency dentist in Orlando, Florida, Dr. Keith Mahan, DDS understands the tedious nature of dental emergencies. There are multiple emergency services Dr. Mahan provides for his patients. Because you’re already a patient, Dr. Mahan can use past X-rays and records to best respond to your emergency needs. Also, seeing your regular dentist in an emergency can ease your nerves through the trust you already have in Dr. Mahan’s capabilities. While we aren’t open after hours or on weekends for emergencies, we provide same-day emergency treatment during our regular business hours.

Establish your relationship with the emergency dentist Orlando trusts, Dr. Keith Mahan. Call 407-841-7241 now for your first visit.