We all get one set of permanent teeth that are designed to last us a lifetime when they are cared for properly. Outside of routine brushing, we often don’t give our teeth and gums a lot of thought until a problem occurs. Accidents and emergencies arise that threaten the health of our teeth or gums. Therefore, access to emergency dental care is of prime importance. What is emergency dental care and what conditions does this realm of dentistry cover? The information provided below will answer these questions and concerns.

What is Emergency Dental Care?

Emergency Dental CareEmergency dentistry is a specific field of oral care that deals with the handling of conditions that need immediate treatment to either save a tooth or prevent a serious condition from worsening. Dental emergencies can cover a broad range of issues from trauma to infection, so the list below was designed to provide a better idea of what constitutes a valid emergency situation.

4 Emergency Dental Care Conditions

Injury to the face or mouth that knocks out a tooth is what typically comes to mind when a person thinks about dental emergencies. However, this is only one segment of possible conditions that require immediate treatment. Consider the following four areas that warrant prompt attention.

1. Pain

The body alerts the presence of a problem, known as pain, which usually requires medical care. Also, discomfort in the oral cavity can come on gradually and worsen over time. Alternatively, it can strike suddenly and become very intense. In either case, a professional needs to identify the source of the pain so that the problem can be corrected immediately.

2. Infection

Infection is one type of condition that can result in the pain mentioned above. Silent infections can be present for a period without pain, however. Gum or tooth infections treated promptly to keep the bacteria from spreading to nearby structures and causing additional harm.

3. Trauma

Severe trauma to the face or mouth can result in knocking a tooth out entirely. In other cases, the tooth may become broken or cracked during the traumatic event. If blood flow to the tooth is compromised, it may lead to the death and permanent loss of your tooth.

4. Acute Emergencies and Surgical Procedures

At times, previous caps, fillings, or dental implants can experience wear and tear or become lost or damaged. Quickly replacing lost fillings can prevent infection and the pain that often accompanies it. Additionally, abscesses can develop under the teeth that require draining and immediate care to prevent the spread of potentially dangerous bacteria.

Why is Emergency Dental Care Essential?

Often, we fail to think about the vast array of tasks performed by our mouths each day. Even more, we don’t just use our teeth to chew food, although that is one critical function they serve. Furthermore, we use our mouths in daily speech with our jobs, communicating with our loved ones, and much more.

When accidents and other situations cause damage to these critical structures, the results can be devastating. Lost or broken teeth can affect a person’s long-term health. Furthermore, a broken tooth hinders the ability to consume nutritious food, speech, and self-esteem. Due to the critical role, your oral health plays in our everyday life, and it’s of vital importance to have access to a trusted emergency dentist when these unexpected events arise.

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