Many people suffer trauma, injury, or other dental problems each year. Of course, not all of these problems occur when you have an appointment on your dentist’s schedule. In these situations, you need Orlando urgent dental care.

Dental emergencies include knocked out, loosened, and fractured teeth. They also include teeth forced out of position as well as cut lips, gums, or cheeks. These injuries cause pain and require immediate attention from the dentist who knows your teeth best. At these times of crisis, you also want to gain help while keeping your dental treatment goals in mind.

Regular Appointments with Your Dentist

A woman receives treatment at an Orlando urgent dental centerToday’s dentistry is mostly preventive. Through prevention and routine treatment, you keep the healthy smile you want. These visits also prepare you for the right help during a dental emergency.

Regular dental appointments include a twice-yearly checkup, professional teeth cleaning, dental X-rays, oral cancer screening, gum disease screening, and other services. Your Orlando urgent dental center offers a wide range of services for your healthiest teeth and gums. At S. Keith Mahan, DDS in Orlando, these dental services include:

If you have children, you know the stress of emergencies. With an active family, a dental emergency is bound to happen at some point in your child’s life. This provides a clear picture of why you need a dentist able to provide Orlando urgent dental care.

Orlando Urgent Dental Center Treatment for Knocked-Out Teeth

One of the most common dental emergencies is a knocked-out tooth. This type of injury happens from sports, auto accidents, falls, or even just general play at home. An Orlando urgent dental need can happen anywhere, anytime. But saving your knocked out tooth is possible with the right dental help.

If you experience a knocked-out tooth, see your Orlando urgent care dentist immediately. You need to get to your dental office within 30 minutes. Start by calling your dentist to inform the office staff you need an emergency dental appointment.

When you knock a tooth out, try to find it and pick it up by its crown. Do not touch the root. If you touch this part usually protected by your gums, you damage the cells needed for reattachment to your bone.

Gently rinse your tooth with water, but do not rub it. Place it back into its socket in your mouth if possible. If you cannot do this, wrap the tooth in a clean cloth. Then place it in a container of your own saliva or milk, so it will not dry out. Your dentist can place a well-preserved tooth back into your mouth.

Orlando Urgent Dental for Other Tooth Injuries

If you experience a moved tooth, try to reposition it to its normal alignment. Use your finger to apply light pressure, but do not force it. As you make your way to the Orlando urgent dental center, bite down to keep your tooth from moving.

For a broken tooth, rinse your mouth with warm water. Then apply an ice pack, wet washcloth, or another cold compress to reduce your oral swelling.

Do not take aspirin. Instead, use ibuprofen if you experience pain. Call your Orlando urgent dental office for an appointment and start making your way to the dentist for help.

Do not feel defeated by having a broken tooth. Today’s Orlando urgent dental center knows how to repair your tooth so no one can tell it suffered injury. Your smile is again beautiful and flawless in no time.

For all of your Orlando urgent dental center needs, keep Dr. Mahan’s name and telephone number handy. While our office is not open on weekends or after hours, we are available for all of your emergency dental needs during office hours. You never know when these types of emergencies will happen and need the ability to respond quickly when they do occur. Call 407-841-7241 for an urgent dental appointment.