young man with mouth guard benefits from general dentistry

Mouth Guards

If your child plays sports or other similar activities, mouth guards are a great way to protect their teeth from potential injury. They are easy to clean, come in many color combinations and are custom made to fit comfortably in your child’s mouth. You can avoid emergency dentistry situations with properly fitted mouth guards.

Digital Radiographs (X-rays)

We offer digital radiographs (X-rays), which use less radiation and which are safer for you than traditional film-based X-rays. Radiographs are a necessary diagnostic tool in the field of general dentistry. More than half of each tooth is hidden and surrounded by bone, and the only way to truly evaluate the health of your teeth and the bone surrounding your teeth is through these necessary, diagnostic radiographs. At S. Keith Mahan, DDS, we research the latest trends in technology to find the solutions that best promote your overall health, safety, and comfort.


The Wand

Nobody likes getting a shot at the doctor of dentist, especially not younger patients. That’s why you’ll love the Wand. While undergoing certain dental procedures, anesthesia is necessary to keep you comfortable, relaxed and pain free. With the Wand, you won’t experience the stinging pain often associated with syringes. Believe it or not, that uncomfortable sensation has less to do with the prick of a needle. When receiving a shot from a syringe, it’s the quick burst of anesthetic that causes the most pain as it is pushed into your body.

With the Wand, Dr. Mahan uses a pen-shaped tool equipped with a tiny, ultra-sharp needle to administer the anesthetic slowly and freely into your body. You won’t experience the stinging pain of a syringe, and you’ll feel stress-free and pain-free for your dental procedure. Ask Dr. Mahan about The Wand today to make your general dentistry experience more pleasant.

General Dentistry with Dr. Mahan, DDS

We provide a variety of general dentistry procedures that will help keep your mouth healthy and your smile white. To learn more about the services that we offer or to set up an appointment, call 407-841-7241 now.