In the past several decades, the science of dentistry has expanded to include a wide range of new treatment methods and procedures that help you maintain a healthy, natural looking smile. One of those methods is teeth bonding. Through bonding, S. Keith Mahan DDS fixes chips, cracks, stains, breaks and other damage to your teeth. But thanks to how bonding matches your natural tooth appearance, only you and your Orlando dentist ever know the damage existed, at all.

What is teeth bonding?

Man smiles after a successful teeth bonding treatmentS. Keith Mahan DDS, a practice of general dentistry Orlando FL offers, can provide the teeth bonding and other dental restoration you need for your best smile and bite. The process helps your dentist preserve your smile after you suffer damage to individual teeth. In the past, much of this damage could not be repaired. Or it caused unsightly changes to your appearance, such as through the use of amalgam fillings.

Dental bonding material consists of a composite resin, like plastic. The dentist applies this tooth-colored material to damaged portions of teeth to restore their appearance. After its application, composite teeth bonding strengthens and supports damaged teeth while providing a flawless appearance. This is why composite bonding material also works well in place of amalgam fillings or other, more visible filling material for decayed teeth.

One of the greatest advancements of bonding teeth treatment Orlando FL is the material’s cosmetic use. If you have some teeth that appear shorter than others, giving your smile an uneven appearance, bonding can help you have the smile you want. A skilled dentist can actually make your teeth look longer and more uniform using the same composite material used for fillings and cracked teeth. The same is true for improving tooth appearance through dental bonding after stains or discoloration.

In these ways and for many patients, bonding teeth treatment Orlando FL provides economical options to more costly veneers. Simply ask Dr. Mahan whether he believes dental bonding offers a solution to your dental concerns.

Things to Consider About Bonding

While teeth bonding provides great solutions for your teeth, it does not fix all problems. It certainly works well in filling cavities and restoring some dental damage. The method also improves the cosmetic appearance of your smile, as Dr. Mahan matches the bonding material to your natural tooth color.

But teeth bonding composite resin can break, crack and chip. This is why you must be careful about how you treat your teeth after receiving the restorative treatment. You should never chew on ice, open a bottle with your teeth, bite your fingernails or otherwise expose your bonded teeth to hard surfaces.

For some dental problems, even the best filling material cannot work. In more difficult cases or where major damage occurs, you still face the possibility of needing a crown or other restoration. Some damage even requires tooth extraction. This is why your dentist carefully considers the process, before using the material on your teeth.

How do I know if bonding is right for me?

The key to having the right answers about your dental needs is visiting a quality dentist with vast experience in treatments and restorations, such as through the use of bonding. S. Keith Mahan, DDS provides bonding teeth treatment Orlando FL. Dr. Mahan also provides an array of other restorative and cosmetic dentistry solutions. For your best oral health and when you need help to improve your smile, Dr. Mahan helps you understand the best options for reaching those dental goals.
Services provided by Dr. Mahan include:

As a family dentist, Dr. Mahan helps patients of all ages keep their teeth healthy and strong. Using the latest advancements like teeth bonding, he can help you maintain your natural looking smile well into your advanced years, too. Give S. Keith Mahan, DDS a call now at [DirectNumber] to schedule your consultation.