Multiple types of teeth cleaning Orlando trusts keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong. But there are a few types of dental cleaning. Do you know what they are and why you need them? Also, do you perform these cleanings, or does your dentist?

Teeth Cleaning at Home

Hygienist doing a teeth cleaning Orlando prefersYour teeth cleaning at home is the daily oral hygiene you perform using a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, mouth rinse and other devices if you choose. An optional device is an oral water flosser, one that shoots jet streams of water between your teeth and along your gums for a thorough home cleaning. Or maybe you use an electric or battery-operated toothbrush for your daily routine.

All of this daily effort pays off with excellent oral health. But if you do not maintain your teeth in these ways, you will suffer tooth decay, bad breath, gum disease and other dental problems.

Professional Dental Cleaning

A professional teeth cleaning Orlando is what most people think of when asked about teeth cleaning. A professional dental cleaning removes plaque, tartar and some surface stains from your teeth.

The dental hygienist usually performs this cleaning, starting with scaling of your teeth using a scaling tool in a scraping manner. They then brush and polish your teeth to make them feel smooth and look their best.

Tooth whitening is not really a cleaning, but this cosmetic procedure performed by your dentist removes surface stains and even many deeper stains from coffee, red wine, tobacco, soft drinks and aging. Your teeth appear several shades whiter after this popular elective treatment.

Gum Disease Treatment Teeth Cleaning Orlando Uses

Another type of professional teeth cleaning Orlando is a gum disease treatment called scaling and root planing. In this treatment, the dental hygienist or dentist scales plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth. This takes place both above and below your gum line. Professional teeth cleaning Orlando for gum disease also involves cleaning of your tooth root surfaces.

After this procedure, your gums turn a healthy pink again. You also stop experiencing blood on your toothbrush or floss, if you noticed that in the recent past. The gums that detached from your teeth and formed pockets where plaque collected also reattach to your teeth. Of course, for this professional teeth cleaning Orlando to work, you must take good care of your teeth and gums at home as well.

Cleaning Your Children’s Teeth

Your children need special care and coaching in how to brush their teeth properly. Many parents show their children proper technique once or twice, then let the kids manage their tooth brushing. But your child probably has tooth decay already, if you simply ask, “Have you brushed your teeth?” Instead, you need to stay involved in your child’s at-home oral care until they no longer need supervision.

For your child’s healthiest teeth and gums, start with placing a pea-sized drop of fluoride toothpaste on your child’s toothbrush. Show your young one how to use the brush at an angle to reach and clean all tooth surfaces. Use the back and forth motion on teeth, also gently brushing the gums.

Guide your child’s hands at first, until they catch on. Make tooth brushing quality time with your child by also brushing your teeth alongside them. This gives you a chance to supervise the brushing without too much pressure on your child. You also lead by example, instead of by nagging.

Professional Teeth Cleaning in Orlando for the Whole Family

Professional dental cleaning takes place at S. Keith Mahan, DDS. Your whole family feels welcomed and well-treated by Dr. Mahan and his caring dental team. Dental procedures and services provided by S. Keith Mahan, DDS include:

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