When you think about going to the dentist, the first thought probably concerns a cavity filling. It’s one of the more common dental procedures to keep your mouth healthy. However, sometimes fillings get a negative reputation for being painful or serious. The truth is that fillings are a routine procedure and can keep your mouth healthier in their wake.

What a Cavity Filling Does

Dentist uses mirror to check on cavity fillingCavities are holes that occur after part of your tooth erodes due to tooth decay. The bacteria remain in the cavity and will continue to spread if not stopped. When you get a cavity filling procedure, the dentist will clean out the decay in the cavity and then fill it in. Tooth decay removal prevents additional damage, but it doesn’t repair the current damage. This is where cavity filling treatment Orlando FL comes in. Smooth Sailing at S. Keith Mahan, DDS helps keep your smile healthy by filling in the hole. Fillings return function and health to damaged teeth immediately. Modern composite fillings can also seamlessly match the color of your teeth to give you peace of mind.

How It Works

As previously mentioned, the cavity filling process is a routine part of dentistry that doesn’t need to be feared. When you go in for cavity filling treatment Orlando FL, there are a few things you can expect. First, the tooth or teeth will be numbed through local anesthetic. This anesthetic typically numbs your gums and jaw at the same time. Once you are sufficiently numbed, the dentist uses a drill to remove decay from the cavity. After the decay, then the tooth is ready to be filled. The filling method differs depending on the type of filling used.

Composite resin fillings are now the most common type. They have cosmetic appeal as they match your teeth, and they are quite durable with proper oral hygiene. The dentist inserts this type of filling in paste form. Once it gets inside the cavity, the paste molds into the exact shape of the hole. We then add the paste in layers until the cavity is full. After each layer goes in, we cure the paste with ultraviolet light. The process is quick, safe and quite effective.

The other type of filling is known as amalgam. It’s a mixture of different metals and tends to be the first thing people think about when they think about fillings. They tend to be cheaper and more durable than composites, but they don’t have the same natural appearance. The amalgam starts out in a mixing machine to get it ready for filling. The dentist will then pack it tightly into your tooth to make sure there are no pockets of air. We then carve it into shape and then test the bite. Once it’s in, it will immediately restore your tooth function and health.

Why a Cavity Filling is Important

The reason why the cavity filling treatment Orlando FL offers is so important has everything to do with your health and comfort. When decay damages part of your tooth, the remaining tooth tends to be very sensitive. You may find it difficult to eat and drink normally if the structural integrity is compromised or nerves are exposed. It could also continue to attract infection and cause severe pain. Simply removing the decay still leaves the tooth vulnerable and weak. By filling the cavity, the full functional health of your tooth is restored. The filling then stops further bacteria from invading the hole.

Doctor Mahan and his professional team are ready to help keep your smile healthy and attractive through cavity prevention anDentist uses mirror to check on cavity fillingd restoration.
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