Finding a new health provider can be challenging if you move to a new area or have new dental insurance. When you need to find the best dentist in Orlando for your needs, there are some specific things to consider.

Remember that your dentist is a partner in your oral health. You’ll need to find one who is able to provide an array of services ranging from general dental care to restorative and cosmetic dentistry. In addition, if you have kids, you’ll want a family dentist who can care for everyone in your household.

How to Find the Best Dentist in Orlando

woman in chair talks to best dentist in orlandoWhen you’re looking for the best dentist in Orlando, you should find that dentist before you have an emergency. To get best results from your search, consider these important points:

Location and Hours of Operation

In your search for the best dentist in Orlando, consider their location. You need convenience in appointment scheduling and arrival. You’ll also need a dentist with hours that suit your schedule.


Even the best dentist in Orlando can’t do you any good if they don’t accept your insurance or other payment methods. If you’re not using insurance, look for a dentist with a helpful office staff who can help you find financing options. Of course, you need a dentist who accepts your methods of payment, such as credit cards, cash, and insurance.

You’ll also need your dentist to communicate about procedures before performing them. Part of this open communication includes having an opportunity to gain cost estimates from the office before the treatment begins. Fillings, crowns and root canal therapy are sometimes expensive. You’ll need options for affording your services to ensure you gain the oral health benefit you need.

Personal Comfort

It’s very important to consider how you communicate with your dentist and whether the dental team relates well to you. You need to feel comfortable in asking questions and receiving services. Are you heard and understood? If you suffer anxiety or fear about going to the dentist, will this dentist be compassionate about that?

Qualification and Licensing

Your dentist must have the qualifications and licensing to provide the dental services you seek. The practice should also be diligent in infection control.

Emergency Care

Your dentist should provide emergency care and have information about what you should do if you suffer a dental emergency.

Screening the Dentist Before Your First Visit

Once you have an interest in a particular dentist, you should review that dentist’s reputation and methods. You can do this by checking online reviews. You can also ask some specific questions of the office staff during or before your first visit. Those questions may include:

  • Does the dentist explain options for treatment?
  • How are dental emergencies handled?
  • What is the average time spent in the waiting room before a scheduled appointment?
  • Do the dentist’s patients seem comfortable asking questions about their care?
  • How long do patients typically have to wait before gaining an appointment?
  • How do you bill patients?

S. Keith Mahan, DDS Wants to Be Your Dental Provider

At S. Keith Mahan, DDS patients just like you can enjoy the many benefits of seeing Orlando’s best dentist. One convenient, compassionate office can meet your entire family’s dental needs with Dr. Keith Mahan as your dentist.

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