No one wants a less than perfect smile. Damage to your teeth can hurt your self-confidence, just as dental problems can negatively impact many areas of your health. There’s no reason to suffer problems with your teeth or gums when an affordable dentist Orlando can count on is ready to help you enjoy healthy eating, speaking and smiling.

An Affordable Dentist Orlando Trusts

smiling woman is an Affordable Dentist Orlando trustsFinding an affordable dentist in Orlando has never been easier. This is because Dr. Keith Mahan and all the professionals of S. Keith Mahan, DDS are ready to meet your oral health care needs. Everyone in your family, from children to grandparents, will enjoy the compassionate care of Dr. Mahan, an affordable dentist Orlando patients rely on for a variety of dental services, including:

You need an affordable dentist Orlando patients trust for their healthiest, most vibrant smiles. The professionals of Dr. Mahan’s office will develop a treatment plan so you can afford the services you need. Through affordability and payment options, you enjoy greater confidence and your strongest, functional teeth.

Dental Correction and Restoration Made Affordable in Orlando

When your bite doesn’t function as it should, you suffer pain, health problems, and even embarrassment. An underbite, overbite or crossbite should never take a toll on your well-being. These are malocclusions, problems likely to cause jaw joint problems, oral malfunction, poor health and other damage. Such issues lead to oral hygiene problems, tartar buildup, tooth decay and gum disease.

Other oral health problems include crooked, misaligned, missing or improperly spaced teeth. It can be difficult to brush your teeth well, floss them regularly or even eat properly with these types of issues. It’s common to suffer low self-esteem from a damaged smile, too.

Whatever dental problems you’re dealing with, S. Keith Mahan, DDS provides a caring professional staff and a compassionate, affordable dentist Orlando turns to for healthier teeth and gums. Dr. Keith Mahan offers many dental services that can help you have the strong, vibrant smile you want.

Paying for Your Dental Care

In Orlando, cost should never be an obstacle for your family’s best oral health. Dr. Mahan and his team of professionals offer options for payment. This means you gain the dental services you need without concern over affordability. Some of these options include:

Convenient Payment Policy

S. Keith Mahan, DDS accepts cash, checks, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard.


CareCredit provides financing arrangements with as little inconvenience as possible. The dental office’s business assistant can explain CareCredit to you and help you explore this option for payment.

Dental Insurance

If you have dental insurance coverage, our office will file your insurance forms. You only pay your copay when treatment begins. This is hassle-free for you, as the dental office staff communicates with your insurance company and works to provide the most accurate estimate possible.

In-House Dental Benefits

S. Keith Mahan, DDS offers an excellent in-house dental benefits plan. This program makes your dental treatment affordable through easy payments.

Become a Patient of Dr. Mahan Today

Affordability shouldn’t be your concern when it comes to healthy teeth and gums. The helpful staff of S. Keith Mahan, DDS will help you understand the costs of your dental treatment plan. Dr. Mahan will explain your best treatment options to you, so you can make the right choices for your healthiest future. Together, you and our team of professionals develop the right path to your oral health goals, according to your budget and payment capabilities.

Call Dr. Keith Mahan and our caring team at 407-841-7241 today for your initial consultation. Dental care for your whole family is affordable at S. Keith Mahan, DDS.