Dental care insurance in Florida varies widely between plans and providers. It’s important that people know how to find dental insurance in Florida that fits their needs. Having the wrong plan not only affects their out-of-pocket expenses but also their coverage. There are a few things that everyone should keep in mind when they choose a dental insurance plan.

Common Dental Insurance Florida Plans

Individual dental insurance plans differ between people. However, most dental insurance in Florida falls into one of several categories.

Direct Reimbursement Programs

Direct reimbursement insurance plans refund patients for the money that they spend on dental care. A predetermined percentage decides how much that they get back. These percentages usually vary between treatment categories. For example, people usually get more back on general dentistry than cosmetic dentistry.

Usual, Customary and Reasonable (UCR)

smiling woman wants to know more about dental insurance in floridaDespite the odd name, UCR is popular because it allows people to go to a dentist of their choice. With this kind of plan, they pay a set percentage of their total bill or dentist fee.

The amount that the dentist charges is the usual or reasonable fee for the service. The amount that the plan provider pays in the customary fee limit, which it bases on previously paid dental bills. Finally, the limit is the most that the plan will pay for a specific service.

The customary fee doesn’t always accurately reflect the fee that the dentist charges. As of 2017, there’s still a wide fluctuation on how the government regulates the customary fee. Despite this lack of supervision, UCR is still a popular choice.

Table of Allowance Insurance

Table or schedule of allowance insurance gives people a list of services with a certain dollar amount. It clearly shows how much the plan will cover for those services. Regardless of how much the dentist charges, the insurance company only covers the amount in this table.

The policyholders cover the difference between the amount that the insurance company pays and the full dentist fee. In some cases, however, there’s no remaining fee to cover, so the customers have no out-of-pocket expenses.

Capitation Insurance Plans

These programs pay contracted dentists a certain amount depending on if it’s a family or individual plan. In return for monthly payments, the dentist agrees to provide specific dental treatments free of charge.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing Dental Insurance in Florida

Knowing the different categories of dental insurance in Florida is only half of the battle. There are also some key features that people need to consider when they choose a plan, including:

  • Freedom to choose their own dentist
  • Preventive and diagnostic services
  • Whether the dentist or insurer decides the treatments that the patient receives
  • Emergency services
  • The inclusion of major dentist offices

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