Our Orlando Lumineers, similar to porcelain veneers, are provided through high-quality cosmetic dentistry used to correct various cosmetic dental issues. Most noteworthy, dentistry Lumineers teeth is an upgrade from dental veneers that effectively restores teeth without eliminating your natural tooth enamel.

Having discolored, chipped, moderately crooked teeth pull down your self-confidence. Like anyone, you want a bright, healthy smile. A great smile helps you in socialization, business and everywhere in life you lead with your self-image.

8 Benefits of Dentistry Lumineers

Cosmetic Dentistry LumineersYour dentistry Lumineers dentist knows best whether Lumineers suit your cosmetic dental goals. Talk to your dental professionals at Keith Mahan, DDS to learn more about Lumineers and whether they suit your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Meanwhile, learn a little more about Lumineer benefits and how they reshape your smile.

1. Lumineers for a Whiter Smile

Discoloring and staining of your teeth happen in healthy aging. Moreover, food, beverages, smoking and even some medicines discolor and stain teeth, too. Teeth whitening provides a solution for some. But the white does not last, and some stains remain.

Dentistry Lumineers provide lasting whiteness regardless of what you eat, drink or expose them to as part of daily living. Furthermore, coffee, red wine, aging, and tetracycline do not affect your Lumineer smile. Your teeth will still look natural and healthy.

2. Chipped Tooth Repair

Having a chip on one or more teeth makes you self-conscious about your smile. Your dentist fixes your broken teeth and makes them permanently, beautifully whole again. However, in the case of a chipped tooth, an Orlando, FL emergency dentist is your best option.

3. Fill Spaces and Gaps

Lumineers quickly fix gaps between front teeth or other spacing issues. This non-invasive method of filling gaps using super-thin “smile shapers” does not harm your natural teeth. In just a few visits to your dentist, Lumineers give you the healthy, straight and complete smile you want.

4. Straighten Your Teeth

When adults want straight teeth, many do not see braces as a good option. Braces take time, cause pain and make you suffer for your straight smile. With Lumineers, you gain a wholly straightened smile in just two dental office visits.

5. Fix Misshapen or Small Teeth

Natural teeth do not always grow into the ideal tooth shape. Sometimes teeth are too small in comparison to adjacent ones. In the same fashion, you can have perfectly shaped and sized teeth in just a few dental visits with Lumineers.

6. Refresh Past Dental Devices and Restorations

Old dental devices and restorations, such as crowns and bridgework, age your entire appearance. Not to mention, Lumineers fit nicely on top of these dental restorations for a painless, permanent improvement on old dental work. You gain a more youthful appearance and do not have to worry about your past restorations, anymore.

7. Get the Smile of Your Dreams

Having an entirely white and straight smile comes easily with Lumineers. Even if you have good teeth already, you can improve your natural look for a more youthful and glamorous appearance.

8. Lumineers Make Having a Perfectly Straight, Bright Smile Easy

If you considered veneers in the past but decided not to undergo the required grinding down of your teeth those require, Lumineers provide more straightforward installation. There is no grinding down of your natural teeth. Lumineers fit over your original tooth structures, usually without any removal of the tooth surface.

To gain your new smile, you simply visit your Orlando cosmetic dentistry for a few short visits. Your Lumineers process starts with your dentist’s evaluation of your smile. After deciding Lumineers work for your dental goals, your dentist achieves your new look in two dental appointments. You do not experience pain and continue with your daily routine, except with a brighter, straight smile.

Orlando Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry for Your Lumineers

Dr. Keith Mahan and his team of dental professionals in Orlando want you to have the smile of your dreams. Together, you define your cosmetic dentistry goals and develop a treatment plan to achieve those goals.

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