In Orlando, your social, work and personal image counts. As much as people like to think looks do not matter, nothing beats a white, healthy and attractive smile. This is why many people in Orlando seek dental veneers. Veneers makeover your smile, giving you the bright, straight and youthful appearance you want.

What are Dental Veneers?

You can pick the color of your dental veneers Dental veneers are wafer-like pieces of thin, tooth-colored porcelain, like the porcelain crowns you may have in your mouth. Your cosmetic dentist custom fits these wafers onto the front of your natural teeth, cementing them in place for permanent wear. With veneers, you gain an easy method of overcoming your natural smile’s flaws, such as chipped, stained, misaligned, abnormally spaced, worn down or uneven teeth.

Millions of Americans enjoy the “perfect smile” of veneers on their own teeth. The procedure is growing in popularity as technology provides the most comfortable, natural-looking and permanent solutions for common dental problems. Through veneers you gain the smile you always wanted, one nature did not deliver. Consider the pros and cons of this procedure before deciding upon dental veneers.

Benefits of Dental Veneers

Veneers provide durable, pleasing smile upgrades when you have heavily discolored, stained, chipped, misshapen or otherwise damaged teeth. These thin porcelain wafers fit onto the front-facing surfaces of your smile. This makes them a popular choice for smile improvement.

One of the most significant benefits of veneers is their stain resistance. These new surfaces let you forget your past coffee and wine drinking or eating pigmented foods that stained your teeth. With veneers, you need not worry about discoloration, anymore. To maintain your permanently white, bright veneers, you just perform good daily oral hygiene of brushing and flossing.

Veneers fix minor cosmetic problems on your teeth. This makes veneers more convenient and more accessible than having braces when possible.

As you grow older, your enamel wears down from your teeth, whether through high-pressure tooth brushing or acids in your foods and drinks. Having acid reflux also causes these problems and enamel does not grow back. So with veneers, you regain a more youthful appearance setting the clock back 10, 20 or more years to the smile of your youth.

Are Dental Veneers for You?

Having veneers, like any other cosmetic dentistry treatment may not be covered by insurance. But aren’t you worth it? Of course, this cost possibly justifies itself through the benefits of having a great smile.

Tooth sensitivity is an issue for some people with veneers. This usually goes away within a few days after the procedure, however.

Filing down your teeth to prepare them for veneer placement makes most veneers permanent. So the irreversible decision of having veneers is one you should think through beforehand. If your teeth are damaged there is no decision.

Refinishing Your Smile Using Veneers

Your dentist at S. Keith Mahan, DDS installs your veneers through a multi-part process. The first step usually involves removing a slight layer of your tooth’s surface to make room for the veneer. He then takes an impression of your tooth for the dental lab to craft your new custom tooth surface. This craftsmanship involves creating the veneer to fit your tooth and smile.

Once your dentist receives your veneer from the lab, you set a second appointment. During this visit, the dentist places your veneer on your tooth using permanent cement.

Whether veneers suit your needs best or other smile improvement methods will work for you, your dentist at S. Keith Mahan, DDS helps you find the right solution. Dental services at S. Keith Mahan, DDS include:

To learn more about potential methods of improving your smile, such as dental veneers, call S. Keith Mahan, DDS for an appointment. Schedule your visit by calling 407-841-7241.