When you experience a chipped or broken front tooth, seeing your dentist right away is essential. Some people fear broken front tooth repair cost and put off going to the dentist for this reason. But how much it costs is less important than saving your tooth from additional damage. Besides, your dentist has many options for fixing your tooth, so he helps you find the right fit for your smile and budget.

Options for Broken Front Tooth Repair Cost

Young woman in dentist chair not worried about broken front tooth repair costThe three primary options for repair of a broken front tooth include dental bonding, dental crowns, and dental veneers. Dental bonding is the lowest broken front tooth repair cost, followed by crowns and veneers. Veneers provide a permanent repair solution at the highest broken front tooth repair cost.

Dental filling or bonding uses tooth-colored composite resin to fill your broken tooth. For a front tooth, others can see when you smile, bonding repairs the issue quickly, easily and at low cost. The price for this procedure usually compares to the cost of a filling at your dentist’s office.

For bonding, you don’t need additional dental services. You do not require numbing of your tooth, eliminating the need for costly anesthesia. The process of bonding involves etching of your tooth’s surface to enable the composite resin easily to adhere to it. Your dentist applies an adhesive and then the composite resin, following these steps with the use of ultraviolet light to harden the resin.

A heavily damaged tooth can be saved using a dental crown. The dentist places a cap over your tooth, possibly shaping your tooth or filling it first. Crowns come in a variety of materials that affect its cost. These include ceramic, porcelain fused to metal, metal, and gold.

Veneers make a good fit for broken or chipped front teeth. A veneer is a wafer-like porcelain or composite resin that covers the front of your tooth to replace part or all of it.

This process involves first etching your tooth to remove surface enamel. The dentist then makes an impression of your tooth for a dental lab that crafts your new tooth surface. Once the lab returns your finished veneer, your dentist bonds it to your tooth. This permanent fix means your tooth looks excellent for many years.

Factors Adding to Your Dental Repair Cost

Factors adding to the broken front tooth repair cost include how much of the tooth broke, whether the tooth requires root canal treatment and which type of repair your dentist uses. Other factors include how many dental office visits you need to complete the process. Of course, requiring sedation adds to the cost, too.

The good news is your dental insurance probably covers at least part of these costs. When your dentist provides the right services in his office and you do not need to see specialists that also helps keeps costs down. Beyond dental insurance, payment plans, dental financing and other methods of payment also help defray costs.

Services You Need from Your Dentist

For long-term dental health and your most attractive smile, you need a dentist that provides a wide range of services. These dental services include:

In Orlando, Florida, S. Keith Mahan, DDS provides these services for you and your whole family. And a quality broken front tooth repair cost stays low and your smile remains attractive. Call S. Keith Mahan, DDS now at 407-841-7241 to schedule your visit.