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Regardless of age, we can all use a refresher course on how to floss. Actually, when you visit your dentist in Orlando, your dental hygienist helps you understand the best methods for how to floss your teeth. They also answer your questions about proper tooth brushing and other steps in your daily oral health routine.

Do You Need a Reminder on How to Floss Your Teeth?

We all get busy and rush through our daily routine. This is part of why many of us need help in how to care for our teeth. We perform these tasks on autopilot and adopt poor habits in the process.

So think about your daily oral hygiene for a moment. Do you need a reminder on how to floss your teeth? How about the young members of your family? Do they know how to floss teeth properly?

To start, remember that tooth brushing should take at least two minutes each morning and evening. Flossing your teeth takes place at least once daily, at bedtime for most people. So the first step in how to properly floss teeth is to remember to do it once each day. That is the biggest hurdle most of us face in the battle against tooth decay and gum disease.

Properly flossing and brushing your teeth means you need less restorative dentistry Orlando FL provides. Less restorative care means lower dental care costs. You also maintain your natural, most attractive smile for longer in your life when you start with the basics of good daily oral hygiene.

Choosing the Best Dental Floss

Talk to your dentist about the best dental floss for your teeth and gums. Two types exist on the market today. These include nylon floss, also called multifilament floss. The second type is PTFE floss or monofilament.

Nylon floss is what you see most often in grocery and drug stores. This floss comes in a wide variety of flavors. You choose from waxed or unwaxed, too. The downside of this floss is how it often shreds or tears if you get it caught between tightly compacted teeth. But the cost of nylon floss is economical.

PTFE floss is one single fiber strand. So it slides more easily between tight teeth than nylon. It does not shred or tear like nylon but costs more.

Which floss you choose matters less than using it every day. Both work very well and perform the same function.

How to Floss Your Teeth

There are five things to think about, in how to properly floss teeth. These five points include:

  • Use 18 inches of floss wound around your middle fingers
  • Hold it taut as you slide it between teeth
  • Work the floss gently beneath the gum line, around the base of each tooth
  • Use clean floss sections for each tooth
  • Use a gentle back-and-forth motion to remove the floss

Besides brushing and flossing, you must remember to visit your dentist twice yearly. These six-month checkups include a dental exam and professional cleaning. Your dentist and hygienist also check to ensure you floss properly.

Essential dental services you need in Orlando, Florida include:

Your dentist at Keith Mahan DDS helps you understand how to floss your teeth when you visit for your twice-yearly exam. So schedule your next visit now at [Direct] to ensure your oral hygiene measures up for your healthiest teeth and gums.